Star Guardians Slot Strategy

    Detailed breakdown of our Star Guardians slot strategy. Is there a secret to beating the Queen and landing a mega payout? Our slot experts have the answer

    As one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2021, here’s our Star Guardians slot strategy to accompany this new casino gaming experience. When you strip the third-person shooter gameplay and the visually stunning 3D setting, Star Guardians is essentially a 3-reel slot with 1 active payline. 

    In total, there are seven symbols: 5 regular symbols, 1 bonus game symbol and 1 boss symbol, with payouts awarded for killing the Triton monsters and collecting loot.

    Character Amplifiers

    As part of your Star Guardians slot strategy, you must choose which one of the game’s three main characters you want to control. Each character has its own amplifier, which results in different winning strategies.

    • Butcher’s Amplifier: When active, all wins for the next seven spins have a 2x multiplier.

    • Skyler’s Amplifier: With an active amplifier, Skyler can open any chest without a key. This also lasts for seven spins.

    • Keliot’s Amplifier: This sounds like the most rewarding amplifier as all enemies are guaranteed to drop loot for the following seven spins.

    Star Guardians Slot Strategy Tip!

    It’s tempting to up your bet level when an amplifier becomes active. However, if you do this, the amplifier is immediately cancelled, and any chest keys your character has are lost. It is possible to change characters, though. This will save the special boosters and the key (if you possess one), and you can resume again when you revert back to the original Star Guardians hero.