Star Guardian Review

    Star Guardians slot by Evoplay promises a new gaming experience by giving players manual control of a character. Find out everything you need to know in our Star Guardians review.

    • Star Guardians Slot Features
    • Third-person Shooter
    • Manual Mode
    • Bonus Round
    • Character Select
    • Star Guardians Review FAQ
    Due for release at the end of October 2021, this Star Guardians slot review takes a look at what gamblers can expect from this big-budget video slot. Developed by Evoplay, Star Guardians is a hybrid video and slot game. Players can choose between different modes of play, including manual mode which allows them complete control of the game’s characters.

    Will you answer the call and help the Star Guardians in their war against the Tritons? Check out our list of top-rated casino sites with this game. But first, continue reading our Star Guardians review to learn more.

    Star Guardians Slot Features

    Traditional video slots have reels with symbols, but Star Guardians is no ordinary slot game. Looking to appeal to an entirely new target market, this is the world’s first third-person shooter slot. Until its official release, Evoplay is keeping several things quiet, including the Star Guardians RTP and the all-important Star Guardians jackpot payout. However, teasers have been released, so here’s what we know so far.

    Third-person Shooter

    With the popularity of games like CS:GO, it was only a matter of time before an i-gaming developer used the third-person shooter mechanic in a video slot. Evoplay is leading the way with Star Guardians.

    Manual Mode

    Star Guardians has three game modes: normal, turbo and manual. The first two are automated, so the game controls the character, whereas manual mode puts the player in control. You can move where you want and shoot at the targets for some mega wins. We’d assume the Star Guardians RTP must be variable based on the skill level of the player.

    Bonus Round

    Evoplay has told us that the Star Guardians bonus game is triggered at random after any real money spin in the main game. During the bonus round, Tritons - the Star Guardians enemy - drop cash prizes or ammunition - both of which hold great value.

    Character Select

    Star Guardians is the name of a special forces team that is on the front line fighting an insectoid species known as Tritons. Humans call them Tritons because they were first discovered on the Planet Triton. There are three main characters in the Star Guardians, each with their own unique skills and abilities. 


    He’s fighting for a cause, and with two high-powered weapons, Joe Butcher aims to take out as many Tritons as possible. When you play as Butcher with an activated booster, all wins come with a 2x multiplier.

    Full name Joe Butcher
    Age 52
    Height  1.93cm
    Weight 110kg
    Origin  Planet Earth
    Rank Commander
    Special Skills Hand-to-hand combat and tank driver
    Weapons Multi-barreled high calibre machine gun, and a rocket launcher
    Motivation To avenge the death of his best friend


    She has a point to prove and is determined to succeed. Skyler’s unique ability, once her booster is activated, is that she can open treasure chests in the game without any keys - a useful skill for unlocking some big wins.

    Full nameSkyler
    OriginPlanet Triton
    Special SkillsScouting and sniping
    WeaponsSniper rifle and hand grenades
    MotivationTo prove that she is the best sniper on Triton


    We don’t know where Keliot comes from, but he has joined the Star Guardians to save and protect humanity. His unique ability is that players are guaranteed to pick up the cash drops when the booster is activated. Also, he fires bolts of kinetic energy from the palm of his hands, which is one of the most destructive weapons in the game.

    Full nameKeliot
    RankKeeper of the Universe
    WeaponsKinetic energy and body armour
    MotivationTo save humanity

    Star Guardians Review FAQ

    Is there a Star Guardians free spins bonus game?

    We know that this game offers a bonus feature - is it Star Guardians free spins? That is one of the secrets we are waiting to find out.

    How much does Star Guardians cost to play?

    Star Guardians cost per spin can be adjusted to suit your bankroll. We’ll update you on the minimum and maximum betting limits when it’s released.

    Can you play Star Guardians for free?

    In our experience, nearly all non-progressive jackpot slots can be played in demo mode, so we’d expect Star Guardians free play to be possible. Of course, Evoplay may decide to block some features, such as manual gaming mode. We’ll update you soon.